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Tech Inventory and Future Plans

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From El Progreso, Yoro, Honduras: We made it safe and sound and already have produced one radio feature about the Dia del Nino (Day of the Child) celebration at an elementary school in San Antonio, Sulaco, Yoro. The narrator was a young person from the local junior high school and we will be starting workshops with the youth from this community next week. Plans are to use the school’s computer lab and install Audacity, a free, open-source program for editing audio. We have contacts with a local radio station that will be broadcasting the content produced by youth producers and are excited about the possibilities! Big thanks to all of y’all who have made this project possible! Here is a list of some of the technology that we were able to purchase:

– Acer Chromebook ($150)
– Acer ultrabook ($350)
– Canon camcorder with mic input and headphone output ($280)
– Lightweight tripod for camcorder
– Compact shotgun microphone for camcorder
– 2 omidirectional lapel mics
– Small tripods for smartphones/cameras
– 2 Sony stereo audio recorders
– 1 ultracompact mic for audio recorders
– 2 compact 1080p video recorders
– USB microphone for digital recording of narration
– Inverter for powering projector from car batteries
– Extension cord for powering projector for community screenings
– 2 compact surge protectors
– 3 prong – USB charger
– 1 TB hard drive for raw video
– 2 SD card readers
– 4 lapel mics
– Lots of Class 10 SDHC and microSDHC cards of various sizes!

We have outlayed a lot more than the $325 that we have raised so far, so any help recouping funds we have already invested would be greatly appreciated! More updates to come!P1010978


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