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Just finished our first round of workshops!

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Students worked two 8-hour days on the weekend (till 10pm!) to finish editing radio programs in time for the live presentation on Monday.

We just finished our first two-week workshops in San Antonio and Sulaco, Yoro, Honduras. The participants’ work ended on a high note as they were able to present their completed radio programs on 2 radio stations and field questions from professional radio presenters and the public. One of our participants in San Antonio has agreed to take on coordination duties for the middle school students and we were able to be part of the brainstorming process for topics for the next round of programs. The group in Sulaco is interested in passing on their knowledge and skills to local high school students and will be meeting to plan future content. We will be uploading programs to community radio websites so that the information and ideas can be easily distributed. Here’s a brief summary of our process with the workshops:

1) Brainstorm topics for content
2) Form working groups based on topics
3) Develop focus questions and interviewing skills
4) Conduct investigation
5) Edit radio program that includes narrative, community survey, interviews and analysis
6) Present content in a community forum
7) Share knowledge and skills with others
8) Continue to refine journalism and editing skills through participation in community media

Plans are to continue collaborating with Radio Progreso’s alternative radio network in Honduras. We will be participating in their encuentro (gathering) next week in El Progreso and are planning on solidifying dates and logistics for workshops with a diverse range of community radios (women’s, rural, youth, indigenous) all across the country. Exciting times and even more so with the crucial financial support that has been arriving (Thanks!). Five days left in the fundraising campaign so please help spread the word!


Presenting at Radio Ocalus in Sulaco, Yoro, Honduras


Group that focused on violence in the community and conducted interviews with the police chief and community leaders


Octavio (left) completed the workshop and will be taking over as coordinator of the middle school community journalism project.


Live on radio for the first time!


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