Medios del Pueblo: Desde las Raices

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About the Project

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Medios del Pueblo: Community-Based Media-Making
Medios del Pueblo is an initiative started by two California educators. We are passionate about facilitating the flow of knowledge and skills from one source to another through creativity, critical analysis and participatory, non-hierarchical education.

Our aim is to collaborate with organizations, movements and communities in Honduras that are engaging in or are interested in popular education and media production. We plan to provide the technology and facilitate the acquisition of skills needed to make and disseminate media. Specifically, we will be bringing equipment for capturing and editing audio and video.

We know that community-created media is a powerful conduit for ideas and opinions that are shut out of the dominant discourse. Popular, grassroots media has the potential to be liberating both for the creators and the viewers/listeners. Our goal is to create self-sustaining structures that enable participants to continue making thought-provoking media that reflects the voice and needs of the community.

Example Workshop
Participants identify community issues that they would like to critically explore through video, audio, photography and creative/expository writing. Examples of community-based media will be provided and participants would gain the technological skills needed to produce their own media. A community screening could be organized by the participants where they can present their work to others and open a dialogue on the given topic(s). If possible, we would like to leave technology in communities so that the work can continue at a minimal expense.